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Van-Far High School students honored with several awards

Posted on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 12:27 pm

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Wes Rowden, right, presents an award to Abilene Gatson.

Wes Rowden, right, presents an award to Abilene Gatson.

Several underclassmen awards were given to students at Van-Far High School last week during an awards ceremony.

Perfect Attendance
Nicholas Crow, Chad Garland, Klayton Haddock, Brooke James, Warren Kraft

Academic Letter
Cameron Barse, Jayda Borgmeyer, Hayley Carpenter, Jessica Carr, Joseph Clithero, Marissa Cox, Colton Craven, Alexis DeTienne, Trenton DeTienne, Abilene Gatson, Jace Gay, Brooke James, Kayleigh Kohl, Warren Kraft, Abbigail Kuda, Emily Laskowski, Kayleigh McBride, Alexis McCurdy, Brayden McMillen, Bryan Mink, Sarah Motley, Molly Nagel, Renee Nelson, Madison Orr, Aaryn Phillips, Abbegail Robinson, Andrew Snodgrass, Breanna Strange, Janie Swarthout, Jenna Willis

Mr. Rowden
Maintaining an ‘A’ Average in American Government-Abilene Gatson, Kayleigh Kohl, Renee Nelson, Bryan Mink

Mrs. Hackethal
Top Five Students in Biology I-Abbey Robinson, Renee Nelson, Aaryn Phillips, Marissa Cox, Tina Florea, Jessica Carr

Dr. Bollow
Top Chemistry Students-Brandon Ball, Abilene Gatson
Top Physical Science Students-Andrew Snodgrass, Alexis DeTienne

Mrs. Nasir
Scholar Bowl Awards-Nathan Kraft, Emily Laskowski, Baileigh Lucas, Bryan Mink, Abbegail Robinson

Ms. Donna Woodrow
Maintaining an ‘A’ in Algebra I-Emily Laskowski, Cameron Barse, Brayden McMillen, Andrew Snodgrass, Jenna Willis
Highest Percentage in Algebra I-Andrew Snodgrass
Most Dedicated to improving grade in Algebra I-Jace Gay
Geometry-Alexis DeTienne, Aaryn Phillips
Highest Percentage in Geometry-Alexis DeTienne
Most Dedicated to improving grade in Geometry-Dalton Buie, Kaylein Wilson

Mr. Rost
Knights of the Reading Round Table-Nicholas Barnes, Tyler Berry, Austin Brewster, Nickalas Carpenter, Jessica Carr, Michael Colson, Marissa Cox, Nicholas Crow, Darion Davis, Teneza Davis, Trenton DeTienne, Christina Florea, Brendan Flowers, Chad Garland, Klayton Haddock, Hailey Hopke, Courtney Jennings, Kora Jennings, Micaella Love, Alexis McCurdy, Wyatt McDowell, Layten McMillen, Renee Nelson, Lindsey Nitcher, Matty Northcutt, Madison Orr, Joshua Parrott, Aaryn Phillips, Abbegail Robinson, Carlton Summers, Janie Swarthout, Emily Williams, Kaylein Wilson
English Scholars Society-Jessica Carr, Marissa Cox, Renee Nelson, Madison Orr, Aaryn Phillips, Abbegail Robinson

Mr. Fowler
Adv. American History-Bryan Mink
World History-Abbegail Robinson, Renee Nelson
American History-Alexis DeTienne
Speech & Drama Letter-Abbegail Robinson, Micaella Love

Mrs. Winders
Highest Grade Percentage in English III-Kayleigh Kohl, Abilene Gatson,
Highest Grade Percentage in English I-Alexis DeTienne, Andrew Snodgrass, Taryn Adam

Coach Logan
National Physical Fitness Award-Cameron Barse, Logan Holt, Brayden McMillen
Presidential Physical Fitness Award-Joseph Clithero, Sharrod Connor, Emily Laskowski, Devin Sapp

Mrs. Klott
Highest Percentage in Family Living for 1st & 2nd Semesters-Abbegail Robinson
Highest Percentage in Career Development & Entrepreneurship 1st & 2nd Semesters-Alexis DeTienne
Highest Percentage in Career & Family Leadership-1st Semester – Emily Laskowski, Bryan Mink; 2nd Semester – Aaryn Phillips, Bryan Mink, Madison Orr
Highest Percentage in Nutrition & Wellness-Jacob Sanders
Highest Percentage in Advanced Foods-Jacob Sanders

Mr. Basinger
Outstanding Achievement in Introduction to Business-Brayden McMillen
Outstanding Achievement in Web Design/Entrepreneurship-Molly Nagel
Outstanding Achievement in Micro Computer Applications-Sarah Motley, Annaliese Hubert, Jessica Carr, Abbegail Robinson, Brooke James

Mrs. Reading
Highest Grade Percentage for the year-1st hour Algebra IA-Desiree Ruby; 3rd hour Math Analysis-Abilene Gatson; 4th hour Algebra II-tie between Renee Nelson and Warren Kraft; 6th hour Algebra II-Abbegail Robinson