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Looking to creation shows us signs of an amazing creator

Posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 1:56 pm

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General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

Editor’s Note: I’ve been able to confirm most of the  scientific numbers cited from Louis Giglio, just not the golf ball comparison figures.
For many years, I’ve said, as a Christian, that creation and the complexity of our human bodies, to me, clearly shows evidence that we were all created by God.
I’ve never believe we evolved through time or we just came out of nowhere. I’ve documented this in a past editorial in regards to the Big Bang Theory, the opposite rotation of planets and moons, etc.
This past Sunday at church, our pastor showed us a video presentation called “How Great is Our God.”
Regardless of your beliefs, I encourage you to continue reading this editorial as I try to relay some of the information available at a YouTube weblink. The evangelist is Louie Giglio. The video can be viewed at
Giglio begins by saying “the God we worship is far beyond what we could dream of or imagine. We worship a huge massive God of grace.”
He illustrates this with the Whirlpool Galaxy, also known as the “Darling of Astronomy.”
It is 31 light years away. With light traveling at 186,000 miles a second, a light year is how far light travels in one year, which is 5.88 trillion miles.
The galaxy contains 300 billion stars and it is one of the hundred’s of billions of galaxies in the known universe.
At the center of the galaxy, a white core/black hole was found That image has the appearance of a cross, a symbol looked to regarding the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ in Christianity.
Giglio then talked about four stars. One was the sun, which is 93 million miles away from Earth. Light traveling 186,000 miles a second from the sun reportedly takes eight minutes to reach Earth.
The sun is also a million times the size of the Earth.
He then referenced Psalms 33:6 in the Bible which declares the stars being the breath of God’s mouth.
He said “if the Earth were the size of a golf ball the Sun would be 15 feet in diameter. It would take 960,000 Earth’s to fit inside the Sun. That’s enough golf balls to fill a school bus with golf balls. Our Sun is just one of hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy; our cul-de-sac in the neighborhood called the cosmos that God has made.”
The next star was Betelgeuse, which is 427 light years away. it is twice the size of the Earth’s orbit around the sun. It would take 262 trillion Earth’s to fill up Betelgeuse.
A third star, called MuCephei, is also known as Herschel’s Garnet Star. It is 300 light years away.
His math showed 2.7 quadrillion Earths fitting into MuCephei.
A fourth and largest star called Canus Majoris is known as the Big Dog Star.
It reportedly could fit seven quadrillion Earths inside of it. He said “that’s enough Earths to cover the entire state of Texas in golf balls 22 inches deep.”
He then said “a shrinking feeling should come over us, a good shrinking feeling. Sin has a way of shrinking God in our minds and puffs us up in our own estimation. But just glance into the universe that God has made and it resizes everything in a heartbeat. We worship an unrivaled, uncontested God. A God of all might, and power, and glory, and awe. There’s none like Him anywhere in all of creation.”
He then talks about our physical bodies. He talks about the miracle of two cells coming together from two different people, each carrying DNA, and then they meet. “…Two chromosomes matched to form a brand-new DNA code, using four characters, four nucleotides, they began to write out what we have discovered is the three billion character description of who you are written in the language of God, to describe who God ordained you to be; in that one little simple cell. If you took the DNA out of that one little cell and stretched it out, that DNA would be six feet long.”
With 75 trillion cells in our bodies, it makes so much DNA to stretch it to the moon and back 178,000 times.
“If someone were to read your DNA, reading one character per second, night and day, it would take 96 years just to read the description of you.”
Along with the miracle of eyelids, he talks about the protein molecule called Laminin, which is a cell adhesion molecule.
“It’s like the rebar of the human body, like the steel they put in the concrete when they lay the foundation,” he said. “It’s that stuff. It’s holding your membranes together; it’s the glue of the human body – it’s Laminin. The stuff that’s holding your body together is in the shape of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He notes how Colossians 1:15-17 says that in Jesus all things were created, things in heaven and on earth. Things were created through him and for him. Be sure to look at the picture of Laminin. I don’t believe this is a coincidence.
He concluded by saying “there are millions and millions of microscopic crosses holding us together, and one giant, glorious cross, of Jesus Christ that’s holding everyone that’s trusted in Him onto the Heavenly Father, and holding the Heavenly Father on to us. And it’s going to keep holding us on to Him forever, and ever. We will never, not be carried by the strong hand of a universe making God. And He will bring us through.”
I was speechless after watching this video presentation. No matter what your belief system is, this video is one that will make you think about your own existence and the miracle you are every time you take your next breath.