Final Audrain 4-H Fair Results

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Swine Show
Champion X-Light Weight Market Hog-Tayler Cope
Reserve X-Light Weight Market Hog-Allison Troesser
Champion Light Weight Market Hog-Nikole Hagan
Reserve Light Weight Market Hog-Lance Fort
Champion Middle Weight Market Hog-Emily Montgomery
Reserve Middle Weight Market Hog-Alyssa Reid
Champion Heavy Weight Market Hog-Megan Montgomery
Reserve Heavy Weight Market Hog-Ashlyn Crum
Champion X-Heavy Weight Market Hog-Jesse Shannon
Reserve X-Heavy Weight Market Hog-Aaron Carter
Grand Champion Market Hog- Emily Montgomery
Reserve Champion Market Hog-Megan Montgomery
Sale Champion Market Hog- Emily Montgomery
Sale Reserve Champion Market Hog-Ashlyn Crum
Champion Home Raised-Logan Wilson
Reserve Champion Home Raised-Mason Wortman
Supreme Champion Breeding Gilt-Emily Montgomery
Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Gilt-Tayler Cope
Primary Swine Showmanship- Pacey Cope
Junior Swine Showmanship-Allison Troesser
Senior Swine Showmanship- Emily Montgomery
Horse Show
Showmanship at Halter 14-21 Years Old-Jayme Fulkerson
Showmanship at Halter 11-13 Years Old-Ana Minnick
Showmanship at Halter 8-10 Years Old-Blake Whipple
Western Pleasure 14-21 Years Old-Jayme Fulkerson
Western Pleasure 11-13 Years Old-Ana Minnick
Western Pleasure 8-10 Years Old-Ella Holiman
Western Horsemanship 14-21 Years Old-Jayme Fulkerson
Western Horsemanship 11-13 Years Old-Ana Minnick
Western Horsemanship 8-10 Years Old-Ella Holiman
Western Horsemanship Novice-Carlee Long
Trail 14-21 Years Old-Jayme Fulkerson
Trail 11-3 Years Old-Ana Minnick
Trail 8-10 Years Old-Blake Whipple
Costume Class-Maelea Parrish
Egg & Spoon 8-21 Years Old- Jayme Fulkerson
Egg & Spoon Novice-Carlee Long
Pole Bending 14-21 Years Old- Bobby Joiner
Pole Bending 11-13 Years Old- Ana Minnick
Pole Bending 8-10 Years OldElla Holiman
Pole Bending Novice-Carlee Long
Barrels 14-21 Years Old-Jayme Fulkerson
Barrels 11-13 Years Old-Breanna Martin
Barrels 8-10 Years Old-Ella Holiman
Barrels Novice-Carlee Long
Flags 14-21 Years Old-Sabrina Wright
Flags 11-13 Years Old-Breanna Martin
Flags 8-10 Years Old-Maelea Parrish
Flags Novice-Carlee Long

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